Messages from Gallifrey

Episode #5: Mob Ties
The Maldovarium – c. 5044

Jimmy Hoffa has just been released from the Stasis Cube. Cali Armstrong and Jodana Kelzor begin to talk with him, while Sun Tzu and Ian Fleming are still talking with Dorium Maldovar. Hoffa had just bought a painting, an otherworldly landscape with a lone figure, titled The Lonely One, on 29 July 1975. When he arrived at the Red Fox Restaurant on the morning of 30 July, someone clocked him in the head with an object, and then he woke up a few minutes ago.

The Zygon O’Bannon begins to fill in more details from the remains of the memories of the real Michael O’Bannon. The real O’Bannon had gone rogue and decided to use the Stasis Cube to “collect” historical figures who had disappeared mysteriously. The real O’Bannon had hit Hoffa in the head with the Stasis Cube, drawing him inside, then closed the trunk of Hoffa’s car without noticing the painting. He then went off around the corner, where the Zygon killed him and took his identity.

As Sun and Ian rejoin the group, the conversation comes to a lull. Eventually, Jodana shows Hoffa a picture of Susan Foreman and asks if he’s seen her. Hoffa says he has a vague recollection of meeting her the previous day (29 July 1975) but cannot remember anything she said. Cali concludes that Susan was able to communicate with Hoffa psychically in such a way that he would have to be hypnotized to recall details of the meeting. When they hypnotize him, he recalls Susan’s message for the group:

“Take the working one to the Bishop, then bring the burned one to the end of the war.”

Rather than take Hoffa with them, Ian comes upon the idea of introducing Hoffa to Dorium. Thus, at least in the 51st century, the mystery of the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa would be solved.

London, night of 5 Jan 1562

The TARDIS lands outside Fulham Palace, the traditional residence of the Bishop of London. They take the working Stasis Cube and knock on the door. Jodana flashes a psychic paper, leading the guard to conclude the group is here by royal decree, and the guard rushes to wake the Bishop.

During the exchange, the Zygon O’Bannon makes one final play for the Stasis Cube, but the guards see him transform and the Bishop immediately calls for the burning of a sorcerer. Cali and Ian eventually persuade the Bishop that he is safer leaving the Zygon to their care, and the group leaves with the Zygon O’Bannon.

Their first stop complete, they debate for a while about where the next stop would be. Cali convinces the group that if a Time Lord mentions a war as “the war,” they’re probably talking about the Last Great Time War, so that’s where they should go. This trip goes more smoothly than expected, as though the end of the Last Great Time War weren’t time-locked at all.

Gallifrey, just outside Arcadia, the last minute of the Great Time War

The TARDIS lands outside a cabin in the desert. Just as Jodana pokes his head out the door, Susan appears from the side.

“Oh! How did you get here? Never mind, we must be off!” Susan exclaims as she enters the TARDIS, pushing Jodana inside. “No time to explain. The Moment has come. We have only seconds before Gallifrey becomes time-locked again.” Susan rushes to the controls and starts flipping switches. The TARDIS takes off, shudders for several minutes, and then settles down.

Free of the now-sealed-off Gallifrey, the group has some time to talk with Susan. She was picked up by her grandfather (The First Doctor) because he needed her help to begin the calculations necessary to pull Gallifrey into a pocket universe through the Stasis Cube. Susan had little time to leave a message for the group because she had to leave in a hurry. When the calculations were completed, the Moment instructed The Doctor to drop her at the cabin and that she would be transported home.

When Cali mentions Jimmy Hoffa, Susan does not recall visiting him. Cali and Susan conclude simultanously that Susan needs to go now to deliver the message to Hoffa.

Detroit, 29 July 1975

The TARDIS lands in an alley across the street, and Susan goes into the Red Fox Restaurant to deliver her message to Jimmy Hoffa. Sun and Ian go to the parking lot to check out Hoffa’s car, and they indeed find The Lonely One. They conclude that the painting must remain here until Hoffa’s disappearance because Hoffa had told them he looked at it just before he was taken. The group decides to wait a day until Hoffa is taken, to make sure things go off as they expect, and to take the painting afterward because it was not listed in the historical records as being found at the crime scene.

Things go as expected: The real O’Bannon takes Hoffa but leaves the painting, and then he goes around the corner and is killed. Ian and Sun collect the painting and then the group returns to the TARDIS.

As the group looks at the painting, they all recognize the figure in the picture as a Zygon, but the figure appears too distant to identify. Jodana identifies the planet as Bigella.

Bigella, c. 1560

The TARDIS lands in a swamp. Jodana scans outside and detects some Zygon technology about a kilometer away. The group follows the scan and find a crashed Zygon ship, like the one they’d seen crash on Earth in 1562, but no survivors.

Jodana detects significantly more technological material ahead, maybe another two kilometers away, and the group find a ruined Zygon city, with traces of Dalek weaponry. Apparently, this was the last great Zygon colony that was wiped out by the Daleks in the early days of the Time War.

Comparing the painting with the terrain, Jodana and Sun conclude that the painting was captured nearby. The group decides to release the occupant from the painting. The new Zygon, who goes by the name Ben Godwin, was the ruler of this city before the Daleks invaded. His advisors insisted that he must survive and hatched a complicated plan to capture him with the Stasis Cube and spirit the painting off to someplace safe.

With this new information, our story ends with the hope that our group’s efforts will result in a less disruptive Zygon invasion and the knowledge that their efforts helped save Gallifrey on the last day of the Great Time War!

Episode #4: Sorath Nights
c. 2010

The TARDIS lands on a luxurious beachfront balcony at the Planetrise Terrace Hotel & Casino, on the tropical moon Sorath. It’s night, but instead of Sorath’s planet, in the sky are 26 other planets, including Earth. A few hundred meters down the shoreline is an unidentifiable wreckage.

The balcony door is locked, but Sun Tzu uses his sword to gain entry into the room proper. Jodana Kelzor flips on the television, but all the channels are static, so he finds a network to log into. According to the news, the planet and its sun disappeared from the sky a couple of days ago, and Daleks invaded shortly after. Most of the ruling body was killed during the invasion, and the remainder are in “an undisclosed location”.

As Al Capone, Ian Fleming, and Cali Armstrong enter the room, Sun faintly hears some Dalek weapon fire from the ground level on the other side of the building. Cali knocks on the room across the hall, but there is no answer, so she sonics the lock to gain entry. She looks out the window and sees a group of Daleks chasing a man down the street toward the hotel. The Daleks fire several more times but miss the man as he fumbles with something on his wrist.

Ian pulls chairs from the rooms to block open three of the four elevators, leaving only one for a return trip to the 23rd floor, and the group walks down the stairs. They look into the lobby through the small window from the stairwell, and they see a firefight between three Daleks and a number of Cybermen.

The group skips the lobby and goes to the basement, where they find a number of plastic sheets hanging across the hallway, as if someone were blocking the view. They hear a drill-like sound that chills Ian to his core, as he has dealt with Cybermen before. Then they hear footstomps, and they encounter a Cyberman. Al and Ian shoot it but do only a little damage. Sun swings his sword and chops off an arm. Cali manipulates her sonic watch and creates a magnetic pulse that wipes the Cyberman’s memory, killing it.

Jodana continues forward, sweeping aside the curtains with fresh abandon, until he reaches the source of the stomping. Two cybermen have seized the man they saw running toward the building, who they now identify as O’Bannon. They shock O’Bannon into unconsciousness, and O’Bannon reverts to his natural Zygon form. During the transformation, his wrist strap rips and his Vortex Manipulator falls to the floor.

The Cybermen drag Zygon O’Bannon and strap him into a cyber-conversion station. The group considers leaving him to be converted, but a last-second bit of compassion (or fear of what havoc a Cyber-Zygon might wreak with the memories of a Time Agent) spurs them on to save him. Sun cuts him free as Al and Ian distract a third Cyberman long enough for Cali to disable its emotion inhibitor with another magnetic pulse, leading the Cyberman to kill itself. Jodana takes a glancing blow from one of the other Cybermen. Sun and Al scoop up the Zygon O’Bannon and Cali pockets his Vortex Manipulator, and the group run from the remaining Cybermen.

They return to the TARDIS via the elevator from the second floor, and then they wait for the Zygon O’Bannon to awaken from being shocked. He is as evasive as usual, until the alternative is made clear to him that they’ll leave him on this planet full of Daleks. Then he begins to cooperate, though the group is somewhat disappointed in his answers because he doesn’t know as much as they want.

The Zygon O’Bannon tells them that his people are without a home following the Time War. The Zygons are fractured into two factions; the larger faction holds out hope that they will be able to settle on Earth, with the help (“salvation”) of the Stasis Cube, and a more militant smaller faction has infiltrated the Time Agency, one of whom has taken Agent Klaus, O’Bannon’s supervisor. The Zygon O’Bannon recently turned on and later escaped from Klaus (after the group turned him over to Klaus in 1562), but he was rushed in his escape and accidentally stumbled onto this planet and could not leave (as Cali had seen him fumbling with his Vortex Manipulator).

At this point, Cali attempts a TARDIS takeoff, but it seems to be locked in place, so the group decids to check out the unidentified wreckage they had seen along the shore. They take the emergency grav chutes (fire escape) down to the beach and walk to the wreckage, which they then identify as a Cyber ship, both by the controller signals coming from the ship and the Cybermats swimming in the sand like miniature land sharks. They consider disabling the controller but figure the Cybermen are keeping the Daleks busy and that’s better than unleashing the Daleks on the populace or, worse, them.

They start to return to the TARDIS, when Jodana’s data pad detects several Dalek ships leaving orbit. Cali adjusts the TARDIS to use the signal from the Dalek ships to help plot a course, and the TARDIS takes off.

The Maldovarium – c. 5044

The TARDIS lands, and the group exits into a large metal room lined with boxes and crates. It’s the same cargo bay as their last visit. Cali goes off to find Dorium Maldovar, thinking to now make the trade of the Vortex Manipulator for the Stasis Cube, while the rest of the group follow joyous shouts to a casino. Jodana stays with the Zygon O’Bannon, who is still with them.

Cali makes the trade, just as the one-year-from-now Dorium told her she had, and Al, Ian, and Sun begin gambling using as seed money the silver coins Sun had stolen in 1562.

Cali returns to the TARDIS with the new, apparently functional Stasis Cube, and figures someone is inside. She lets him out, and he introduces himself as Jimmy Hoffa.

Next time: Mob Ties?

Episode #3: BBC After Dark

4 Jan 1562, 0300

As the group sleeps in their rooms at the Sheep’s Head in Chesham, Cali Armstrong has a dream.

Cali is in a bar on New Earth, the same bar in which she met the Doctor.

A song is playing on the jukebox, “One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do…”

As Cali slips into the song, she hears it for the first time because now the Doctor isn’t here to talk over it. Suddenly, she realizes there’s an object on the table in front of her. The object is a clear cube.

Then the TARDIS cloister bell rings. Cali awakens in her room at the Sheep’s Head, just in time to feel the floor shuddering from some impact in the distance.

Ian Fleming wakes to the feeling of a tremor in the floor. He looks out the window to see a fire in the distance, as if an aircraft had crashed.

Cali and Ian rush to awaken Al Capone, Sun Tzu, and Jodana Kelzor, and they all run to the crash site, two miles away. There, they see a lone silhouette in the flames. Sun scouts ahead and finds the creature is humanoid, very tall, and covered in suckers—a Zygon. Then the Zygon changes its form to look like Sun, and they fight, trading blows until Ian, struggling to keep his wits about him, shoots one of the Sun Tzu in the head. It falls and Ian is relieved when the dead one shifts back into its natural Zygon form.

They see a second Zygon in the distance, darting between trees, attempting to escape. A third Zygon climbs from the downed spaceship, clutching a transparent cube—a Stasis Cube!

Cali confronts the Zygon holding the cube, and it changes its form to look like her. She fiddles with her Sonic Watch, jamming the creature’s shapeshifting ability and forcing it back into its natural form. Sun bisects the creature with a single upward stroke, and Cali scoops up the cube. After examining the cube, she concludes that the cube will never function as a stasis cube, so the group concludes that it is either an elaborate facsimile or was burned out somehow.

While the rest of the group discusses what to do next, Jodana climbs into the wreckage and discovers the charred corpses of two more Zygons, bringing the crew count to five. He searches for anything with information, but finds only the Home Box, damaged enough that while it still has the most recent flight data it will never fly home.

Eventually, the group decides they cannot let even the one remaining Zygon loose on 16th-century Earth, so they track the creature down. Jodana and Cali invite the creature to talk, so it stops momentarily and introduces itself as Pillbox.

Where did you get the cube? “We got it from a human. His name was O’Bannon.”

How did you get here? “O’Bannon hooked up a Vortex Manipulator to our ship, just enough to let us fly in time.”

Why do you need this cube? “It is the salvation of my people.”

Why do your people need salvation? “Our world was destroyed in the Time War.”

You can’t have this world, but we can find you one. “You have a ship?”

This cube is a fake. It will never do what you want it to. “You lie! It is our salvation!”

Sun is convinced that the creature is hiding something, Ian accuses the Zygon of lying and tells it to give up the truth. In response, the Zygon changes form and suddenly there are two Ians! The Zygon attempts to put the group off-balance by irritating Ian with an imitation game, and Ian takes a swing at the Zygon, who dodges and counters with a punch of his own, knocking the real Ian backward into the dirt. The creature then turns to run, but Sun chases it down and kills it.

Meanwhile, Jodana scans the data in the ship’s Home Box, and finds the ship stopped twice before crashing here. First it stopped at the Maldovarium, then it stopped at The Library. There is limited data about the ship’s temporal telemetry because the ship was not designed for time travel, but Jodana extrapolates likely temporal coordinates based on what he knows from his time.

The group makes their way back to the TARDIS, and they figure they are done here. Cali flips the switch, and the TARDIS dematerializes, shudders, shakes, and groans its way to the group’s next destination.

The Library – c. 5045

The TARDIS materializes in the lobby of The Library, and Jodana is relieved to see that there are people roaming about, so at least the Vashta Nerada haven’t arrived yet. He approaches the librarian at the main desk, who confirms the date for him—it is Jodana’s first day of work in The Library. Eager to avoid crossing his own timeline, Jodana recalls that his first day of work was in the Biography section, halfway around the planet. He rushes to the staff data terminal and accesses the camera footage from the Zygons’ visit:

Two of Michael O’Bannon walk up to the terminal. The one on the left presents his Time Agent credentials and accesses the terminal. He performs several data searches:

  • Time War – No results
  • Stasis Cube – Several legends of a Time Lord device, capable of saving a slice of time in a 4-D painting. Only one has been seen, in the recently-constructed Delirium Archive, but the piece was stolen within days of going on display and was never recovered.
  • Human History – A brief primer on England before 2000. The two O’Bannons stood there for several minutes reading the primer, then the left one downloaded coordinates into his Vortex Manipulator.

At this point, Jodana was worried about the multiple O’Bannons, and that at least one (if not all) was a Zygon, and he called Jonathan Klaus, the Time Agency supervisor who had arrived in 1562 to take custody of O’Bannon.

“It’s funny you should call at this time. O’Bannon has escaped, and his Vortex Manipulator has gone missing.”

And then Jodana told him the group thought O’Bannon might have been a Zygon all along.

“I’ll have to look into that and get back to you.” <click>

Cali then activated the tracking program she had installed on O’Bannon’s Vortex Manipulator. It appeared to be on Sorath, a tropical moon the group had tried to reach just after Susan Foreman had picked up Cali. The group decided a nice tropical vacation would be a nice change of pace, so they hopped back into the TARDIS. This time, the TARDIS shuddered and groaned more than usual, and then it landed off-course.

The Maldovarium – c. 5045

The TARDIS lands, and the group exits into a large metal room lined with boxes and crates. Sun and Ian hear a voice on the other side of the room, shielded by stacks of crates, but they cannot make them out. As the group approaches, Sun scouts ahead and hears the voice more clearly:

“All this to imprison one child? Oh, I know what you’re up to. I hear everything in this place. I even hear rumours about whose child you’ve taken. Are you mad? You know the stories about the Doctor, the things he has done? God help us if you make him angry!”

Sun peeks around the corner and sees a fat blue man talking to a trio of hooded monks. They have handed him a pouch, and he has handed them a small metal box. “The memory core of a Judoon. Within are the security codes you need.” The monks depart through a door to a hangar bay.

The blue man speaks again. “You can come out now. I was not talking only to the Headless Monks when I said I hear everything in this place.”

Cali steps forward toward Dorium Maldovar, since she has dealt with him before, and asks about the Stasis Cube she holds up. “I have not seen that one before. But…” he pauses. “Perhaps I should not meddle in your timeline too much.” Eventually, the group convince him to tell them more.

“I had acquired a Stasis Cube a while back, but you traded a Vortex Manipulator for it about a year ago. No, I don’t still have the Vortex Manipulator. It sold very quickly.” Sun attempted to cajole more information out of him about who bought the Vortex Manipulator, but he would only say, “She tried to poison me,” before staring past the group toward the hangar bay and becoming nervous. The group turned to see one of the Headless Monks had stayed behind and was now beginning to chant.

“I think I will have to leave you to your work. It’s time for me to close up shop,” Dorium stammered as he fled the cargo bay as quickly as his body would carry him.

As the chanting grew louder, the group ran to the TARDIS and took off.

Next time: Faux-Bannon on a Tropical Vacation

Episode #2: We're off to see the Bishop!
2 Jan 1562

The TARDIS lands on 2 Jan 1562, a couple of miles outside of Chesham (in the same location as the previous landing), in a wooded area with a trail leading about a half-mile down to a tiny house with a man chopping wood. The group approaches the man, who introduces himself as Will Scarlett. Will tells them that the Bishop is due to preach at St. Mary’s Church in Chesham on Sunday, so the group walks into town. They find that a number of carts are setting up for a market day.

Jodana Kelzor approaches a farmer selling beets and offers his Dalek eyestalk for one of the beets. Ian Fleming quickly pulls the eyestalk behind his back, as he doesn’t want to introduce the technology into this relatively primitive society, and offers one of his Chesterfields instead. They walk away with two beets, leaving the farmer coughing, and wondering if the farmer is being affected more by the nicotine or by light-headedness from coughing so much.

Al Capone visits St. Mary’s Church and meets the verger, Mark Anderson, who is scrubbing the floor of the sanctuary in preparation for the bishop’s visit. He discreetly inquires about the date, and the verger tells him it is “Friday, the second day of January, in the year of our Lord 1562.” So now the groups knows they have two days before the bishop’s visitation to the church.

Meanwhile, Sun Tzu realizes the need for local currency and picks a coin purse from one of the vendors. He then sees a boy a few carts down, doing the same thing, and chases him down. This draws the attention of Cali Armstrong, who inquires what is going on. Before too much of a scene is made, the group pulls the boy into the Sheep’s Head inn and pub. Sun retrieves the pouch the boy had stolen and gives most of those coins to Ian, who takes them out to their rightful owner, who had begun searching for his purse. Sun and the boy, Timothy, come to an arrangement: Timothy and his friends will keep an eye out for the unusual, and “the Capone organization” will take care of them. (Ian is particularly dismayed to find the name of Capone making waves in this era.)

Later that day, Jodana visits St. Mary’s Church and talks with the verger. The verger tells him that all the church’s books were confiscated by the royal library during the Reformation (in connection with the Dissolution of the Monasteries, under King Henry VIII). Jodana appeals to him as a kindred spirit in his role as Librarian, and the verger eventually reveals that two cases of books were secreted away in the basement, the closest thing in Chesham to a library. Jodana spends the rest of the day in this library, scanning all the books into his Datapad. He eventually finds a Bible with extensive margin notes (including one instance of “Bad Wolf”). In the Revelation to John, Jodana finds some interesting notes (specifically, in the margin next to Revelation 6:1) that talk of a falling star on Epiphany, and below that, “Where there is one, you’ll find others.”

3 Jan 1562

The group spends most of the next day wandering about town and waiting for something to happen, though they consider (and reject) the idea of walking up toward St. Albans, where the bishop was to preach that morning, and meeting him on the road to Chesham. Instead, they decide to wait in a familiar setting.

Later that day, the bishop’s carriage arrives, and Sun Tzu climbs up to the roof of the inn to get a better view. He and Cali notice that one of the mounted guards is trying to keep his distance (“riding casual”) from the carriage and is ready to take off. Cali scans and detects a 51st-century explosive device on the bottom of the bishop’s carriage, but she is able to disarm it easily with her Sonic. At the same time, Sun and Ian leap into action; Sun dismounts the roof quickly (without harm from the controlled drop, thanks to his natural toughness) and throws his sword at a nearby tree to spook the horse, which throws the rider, and Ian jumps on him. Sun and Ian knock the man out and drag him into a vacant room of the inn to interrogate him. Cali finds and confiscates the man’s Vortex Manipulator, and finds the last “origin” coordinates as Detroit, 30 July 1975.

During the interrogation, the man introduces himself as Michael O’Bannon, a Time Agent. He claims to be here to stop an invasion by killing the bishop (and most of the town), but is vague about the nature of the invasion and claims to know little about it himself aside from the fact that it will cause the destruction of humanity. He then seems to revel in his fate, attempting to goad the group into making a mistake that will allow him to escape, going so far as to taunt Jodana by telling him, “The Bounty Hunter from the Library said ‘Hello’.” The taunt throws Jodana off balance enough that Jodana strikes him, but Cali regains control of the situation and sees through the tactic.

After discussing what to do with O’Bannon, Cali and Jodana come up with an idea to use the Vortex Manipulator to call the Time Agency to see if they can pick him up. Cali connects the Vortex Manipulator with Jodana’s Datapad and contacts Time Agent Jonathan Klaus, who agrees to pick up O’Bannon and to grant Jodana access to the Time Agency’s library. Thirty seconds later, there is a knock at the door, and Klaus is there to pick up O’Bannon. Cali disconnects the Vortex Manipulator and implants a tracking program in it so she can track it with the TARDIS sensors, then gives O’Bannon and his Vortex Manipulator to Klaus. Klaus and O’Bannon then vanish in a flash of light.

Next time: The Bishop and the Prophecy.

Episode #1: Siege Mode
18 May 2260

The TARDIS lands on 18 May 2260, a couple of miles outside of Chesham (which lies 3-4 miles outside the M25 loop in London), in a wooded area with a trail leading about a half-mile down to Susan Foreman’s cottage. The cottage is overgrown, so Susan double-checks with her sonic screwdriver and confirms that she has landed “about ten years late.” She tells the story of her grandfather, with whom she arrived in 2164 (during The Dalek Invasion of Earth). “I fell in love, and grandfather decided I should have a normal life. He said he’d return someday, but that was a hundred years ago.”

As the rest of the group discusses what to do, Ian Fleming decides to go buy some cigarettes, for “surely one can get some Chesterfields around here.” Jodana Kelzor accesses the public wireless network and downloads a map and information about the area. Susan suggests Jodana lead the group into Chesham, where they can visit the local shop and meet her at the Sheep’s Head pub in a while.

The group enters Chesham (pop. 15,000, according to the sign) and quickly finds the only store in town that still sells tobacco products. Al Capone wanders over to the humidor to get some cigars, and Ian picks up some Chesterfields after exchanging a “Long live the Queen!” with the shopkeeper under the picture of Queen Sarah. They pay in antique (20th century) British pounds, which the shopkeeper quickly pockets for a collection, but then Cali Armstrong takes them to an ATM and uses her sonic wristwatch to withdraw some local spending money. The group then heads over to the Sheep’s Head, where Ian delights in introducing Sun Tzu to proper Fish & Chips and a pint of Guinness.

After a couple of hours, the group begins to wonder what’s keeping Susan. Jodana tries her home but there’s no answer, so he leaves the group to catch a Hackney cab back to the cottage. As he steps out of the cab, he hears the TARDIS taking off and frantically takes off running after it, but he is too late. The TARDIS is gone, and there is a lot of brush stamped down nearby, with more brush stamped down in a trail leading farther away from the landing site. He also finds a red crystal in the brush.

Jodana sends messages to Cali exclaiming “The TARDIS is gone11!!1”. Cali dismisses him as “having a moment of drama,” but she convinces the group to head back to the cottage and they catch another cab. Meanwhile, Jodana follows the trail until it ends at a small cave, about 25 meters deep, with a high-tech (higher tech than 51st century) concealed door in back.

The rest of the group arrives at the cottage and have a look around. They find an area in back with a square impression in the brush and soil and conclude that a TARDIS landed there. The back door of the cottage is open, so Sun and Cali step in. Everything inside is covered in dust except for a bundled red scarf on the coffee table. Sun picks up the scarf and unrolls it, revealing a cube with Gallifreyan symbolism on all faces and four slips of blue paper with brief messages in Gallifreyan:

  1. “Stasis cube”
  2. Epiphany 1562 (coordinates)
  3. “Bishop”
  4. “Dalek in TARDIS”

The rest of the group eventually catches up with Jodana, who had decided not to go any farther alone. After some discussion and catching-up, Jodana shows the red crystal to Cali, who concludes that the crystal is a Gallifreyan device meant to transform electromagnetic energy into dimensional energy to open the TARDIS from Siege Mode (the cube the group found in the cottage). She also concludes that there is some electromagnetic energy currently being emitted, and Jodana tells the group about the Mk II Daleks who invaded a hundred years ago. These early Daleks needed either static electricity from the floor or some power transmission, received by dishes on their backs, to function.

Cali accesses the controls for the concealed door, and the door opens to reveal an elevator that only goes down and appears to be of Dalek construction. The group takes the elevator down, and the doors open to reveal a long hallway with an open room at the end. In the hallway are a half-dozen alcoves on each side; in each alcove is a dormant Dalek.

The group creeps down the hallway toward the open chamber, which turns out to be a catwalk with an open chamber below. In the center is a massive antenna that is transmitting power. Below are two more alcoves, one at each end, and one Dalek, just beginning to power up: “SYSTEMS RESTORING!”

The group quickly formulates a plan. Al Capone and Ian Fleming will try to shoot the receiver dish off of the Dalek below. After Cali Armstrong successfully detaches the dish from one of the Daleks in the hallway, Sun Tzu chops off another, albeit a little too noisily as the dish clangs to the floor, so the topside plan is for Sun Tzu and Jodana Kelzor to start detaching dishes from the Daleks in the hallway.

Al and Ian take their shots, and the dish flies off. As the Dalek turns and fires at them (“EXTERMINATE!”), Ian fires again, this time hitting the antenna’s control panel. The Dalek’s shot hits the catwalk next to them disintegrating a large hole in it; apparently the Dalek’s targeting scanners aren’t back up to full yet. The Dalek, now desperate for energy, turns to the control panel. Al and Ian take another shot, aiming for the hole they’ve created by knocking the dish off the Dalek’s back. Al’s shot ricochets off the Dalek’s armour, but Ian’s shot strikes true, leading the Dalek to spark and begin leaking a dark fluid which the group concludes is the creature’s blood.

Cali climbs down and starts to examine the control panel. Al climbs down and sticks the barrel of his gun into the hole in the Dalek and fires another shot into it, leading to more fluid leakage.

Meanwhile, the last two Daleks topside whir to life just as Sun and Jodana chop off their receiver dishes. “EXTERMINATE!” Fortunately, they miss Sun and Jodana, and the shots expend the little energy they had received so they drop dormant again. Sun chops off one of the Exterminators, and Jodana chops off an eyestalk. They come up with the idea for Jodana to connect one of the receiver dishes by cable to the Exterminator to make what they believe will work only for a shot or two.

With the Daleks deactivated, Cali hooks up the Gallifreyan crystal to the transmitter antenna and aims it at their cube. The cube shudders, hovers, rotates, and transforms into their TARDIS, which Cali quickly opens with her key. Inside, there is a length of yarn or twine leading from the doorway to a lever under the control panel; Cali concludes that it was used to place the TARDIS into Siege Mode from outside the door. There is also a Dalek in the control room, just beginning to come to life, “SYSTEMS RESTORING!”

Sun Tzu leaps through the door and fires the jiggery-pokeried Exterminator, killing the Dalek, but then cannot get the receiver dish/backpack off his back quickly enough as it burns through his armour. Al, Ian, and Sun sweep what’s left of the Dalek out of the TARDIS. The group has reclaimed their TARDIS, but Susan is gone, presumably in a second TARDIS which had landed nearer the cottage.

The group concludes that the slips of paper are a request from Susan for them to find a Stasis Cube, and so they are off to 1562 to find the Bishop!


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