Dalek, Mk II

Early-model Dalek


(Scores in parentheses for the mutant inside, which has Speed 1)
Awareness 3 (2) Presence 3 (2) Story Points 2
Coordination 2 (3) Resolve 4 (4)
Ingenuity 4 (4) Strength 5 (3)
Skills: Convince 2, Fighting 2, Marksman 2, Medicine 1, Science 2, Survival 4, Technology 3
Traits: Armour (5 points), Cyborg, Fear Factor (3) (Resolve+Presence+6 vs. character’s Resolve+Ingenuity), Natural Weapon—Exterminator (2/L/L), Scan (can interface with computers and complex machines), Technically Adept (+2 to Technology tests to build/repair), Restriction (requires static electricity or power transmission to function), Called Shot (-2 to hit) to hit the receptor dish; Armour 5, an hit that inflicts at least 4 damage points disables the dish. When disabled, the Dalek loses 1 point of Strength per round (or per Exterminator shot) until it shuts down at zero.


This is the model of Dalek that invaded Earth in the mid-22nd century (The Dalek Invasion of Earth). These Daleks were repelled by a human resistance aided by the (First) Doctor, his granddaughter, and their comrades in 2164.

Dalek, Mk II

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