Messages from Gallifrey

Episode #5: Mob Ties

The Maldovarium – c. 5044

Jimmy Hoffa has just been released from the Stasis Cube. Cali Armstrong and Jodana Kelzor begin to talk with him, while Sun Tzu and Ian Fleming are still talking with Dorium Maldovar. Hoffa had just bought a painting, an otherworldly landscape with a lone figure, titled The Lonely One, on 29 July 1975. When he arrived at the Red Fox Restaurant on the morning of 30 July, someone clocked him in the head with an object, and then he woke up a few minutes ago.

The Zygon O’Bannon begins to fill in more details from the remains of the memories of the real Michael O’Bannon. The real O’Bannon had gone rogue and decided to use the Stasis Cube to “collect” historical figures who had disappeared mysteriously. The real O’Bannon had hit Hoffa in the head with the Stasis Cube, drawing him inside, then closed the trunk of Hoffa’s car without noticing the painting. He then went off around the corner, where the Zygon killed him and took his identity.

As Sun and Ian rejoin the group, the conversation comes to a lull. Eventually, Jodana shows Hoffa a picture of Susan Foreman and asks if he’s seen her. Hoffa says he has a vague recollection of meeting her the previous day (29 July 1975) but cannot remember anything she said. Cali concludes that Susan was able to communicate with Hoffa psychically in such a way that he would have to be hypnotized to recall details of the meeting. When they hypnotize him, he recalls Susan’s message for the group:

“Take the working one to the Bishop, then bring the burned one to the end of the war.”

Rather than take Hoffa with them, Ian comes upon the idea of introducing Hoffa to Dorium. Thus, at least in the 51st century, the mystery of the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa would be solved.

London, night of 5 Jan 1562

The TARDIS lands outside Fulham Palace, the traditional residence of the Bishop of London. They take the working Stasis Cube and knock on the door. Jodana flashes a psychic paper, leading the guard to conclude the group is here by royal decree, and the guard rushes to wake the Bishop.

During the exchange, the Zygon O’Bannon makes one final play for the Stasis Cube, but the guards see him transform and the Bishop immediately calls for the burning of a sorcerer. Cali and Ian eventually persuade the Bishop that he is safer leaving the Zygon to their care, and the group leaves with the Zygon O’Bannon.

Their first stop complete, they debate for a while about where the next stop would be. Cali convinces the group that if a Time Lord mentions a war as “the war,” they’re probably talking about the Last Great Time War, so that’s where they should go. This trip goes more smoothly than expected, as though the end of the Last Great Time War weren’t time-locked at all.

Gallifrey, just outside Arcadia, the last minute of the Great Time War

The TARDIS lands outside a cabin in the desert. Just as Jodana pokes his head out the door, Susan appears from the side.

“Oh! How did you get here? Never mind, we must be off!” Susan exclaims as she enters the TARDIS, pushing Jodana inside. “No time to explain. The Moment has come. We have only seconds before Gallifrey becomes time-locked again.” Susan rushes to the controls and starts flipping switches. The TARDIS takes off, shudders for several minutes, and then settles down.

Free of the now-sealed-off Gallifrey, the group has some time to talk with Susan. She was picked up by her grandfather (The First Doctor) because he needed her help to begin the calculations necessary to pull Gallifrey into a pocket universe through the Stasis Cube. Susan had little time to leave a message for the group because she had to leave in a hurry. When the calculations were completed, the Moment instructed The Doctor to drop her at the cabin and that she would be transported home.

When Cali mentions Jimmy Hoffa, Susan does not recall visiting him. Cali and Susan conclude simultanously that Susan needs to go now to deliver the message to Hoffa.

Detroit, 29 July 1975

The TARDIS lands in an alley across the street, and Susan goes into the Red Fox Restaurant to deliver her message to Jimmy Hoffa. Sun and Ian go to the parking lot to check out Hoffa’s car, and they indeed find The Lonely One. They conclude that the painting must remain here until Hoffa’s disappearance because Hoffa had told them he looked at it just before he was taken. The group decides to wait a day until Hoffa is taken, to make sure things go off as they expect, and to take the painting afterward because it was not listed in the historical records as being found at the crime scene.

Things go as expected: The real O’Bannon takes Hoffa but leaves the painting, and then he goes around the corner and is killed. Ian and Sun collect the painting and then the group returns to the TARDIS.

As the group looks at the painting, they all recognize the figure in the picture as a Zygon, but the figure appears too distant to identify. Jodana identifies the planet as Bigella.

Bigella, c. 1560

The TARDIS lands in a swamp. Jodana scans outside and detects some Zygon technology about a kilometer away. The group follows the scan and find a crashed Zygon ship, like the one they’d seen crash on Earth in 1562, but no survivors.

Jodana detects significantly more technological material ahead, maybe another two kilometers away, and the group find a ruined Zygon city, with traces of Dalek weaponry. Apparently, this was the last great Zygon colony that was wiped out by the Daleks in the early days of the Time War.

Comparing the painting with the terrain, Jodana and Sun conclude that the painting was captured nearby. The group decides to release the occupant from the painting. The new Zygon, who goes by the name Ben Godwin, was the ruler of this city before the Daleks invaded. His advisors insisted that he must survive and hatched a complicated plan to capture him with the Stasis Cube and spirit the painting off to someplace safe.

With this new information, our story ends with the hope that our group’s efforts will result in a less disruptive Zygon invasion and the knowledge that their efforts helped save Gallifrey on the last day of the Great Time War!


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